Walk this way… for life!

As a Chiropractor, we want you to keep holding us accountable to being your role model for optimal health while we continue to pray into each one of you the vision we have for your families improved health & healing – including decisions to incorporate more consistent movement & healthy exercise into your weekly wellness routines in 2011.

Despite the fads that have come and gone, research is clear that walking or jogging remain the best form of healthy exercise for the average person committed to living with better health and longer life expectancy.

One study, which tracked 107 retired men for 12 years, found that, “the mortality rate among the men who walked less than one mile (1.6 km) per day was nearly twice that among those who walked more than two miles (3.2km) per day”.

Yes there’s the small investment of a good pair of shoes and proper stretching, but with what exercise do you not have that? When you consider that it can be done anywhere, anytime and by virtually anyone, the benefits, which include things like improved self awareness, extended bone life, more efficient heart & respiratory function, maximized oxygen perfusion rates and strengthened nerve flow, far outweigh the obstacles that most often get in the way.

Translated, these benefits mean faster healing, repair and regeneration of your tissue cells which leads to reduced risk for obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, depression and the incidence of chronic neurological conditions like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s too. (Indeed the best Chiropractors know that when it comes to genes, they only load the gun; our lifestyle choices day in and day out are what help pull the trigger).

Try Nordic Walking!

Originally known as ski walking in the late 90’s, this type of walking, a physical activity and sport consisting of walking with poles similar to ski poles, is now estimated to be practiced by over 10 million people (the majority in Northern Europe) who have taken up this type of fitness walking with specially designed poles as a regular form of exercise.

Done all year round in any climate and anywhere, Nordic walking combines simplicity and accessibility of walking with simultaneous core and upper body conditioning similar to Nordic skiing. It produces up to a 46% increase in energy consumption compared to walking without poles and can increase upper body muscle endurance by 38% if done regularly over a twelve week period.

The result is a full-body walking workout which compared to regular walking utilizes more than 90% of the body’s total muscle mass vs. the 50% used during normal walking/jogging and only 40% when on a stationary bike.

Keep in mind, for those of you overweight or injured, NPW burns significantly more calories without a change in perceived exertion while minimizing unnecessary ankle, knee, hip & pelvic joint impact (similar benefits to popular aqua fit strategies).

It’s no secret that with the advancing of our high tech society, we as a population are becoming more sedentary and overweight. Computer station work, gaming for our kids and big city commuting are just a few of the high profile stresses we need to manage better in order to prevent spinal subluxation and early breakdown and aging.

To find out more about Nordic Walking or how you can better walk or jog for life this year, reserve your spot at our next training workshop Wednesday, Jan. 26th at 6:10pm.  We’ll be giving away a pair of poles to our first 3 guests to register from reading our newsletter. Spots are limited to first 15. Call today!

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