Meditation and the Art of Listening Well!

The holidays are over, February is here. We often talk about vision and goals in life, but what about the present …today that is? Like our eyes which create vision for our future, did you know our ears create & strengthen our connection to the present? Indeed meditation, the art of listening well, is a skill we can learn to cultivate to help us live more effectively with ourselves and adapt more productively with others in the now. 

At our next Wellness Workshop…Wednesday, Feb. 23rd at 6pm, we’ll explore the ancient practice of meditation and the art of listening. People have always asked us what’s the difference between meditating and praying? My answer remains that although both are done in silence, prayer is the time we set aside to ask our higher power to lend us a hand in our fate or the fate of another. Basically it’s a skill of asking for help. When we meditate however, it is our time to listen and listen skillfully that is mindfully, with a non-judgemental awareness which when developed allows us to experience, not only hear what our higher power has to say. 

Listening is a skill highly valued and esteemed in our circles of life and relationship whether they be at work, school, home or play. And is it is with all skills and disciplines, it can be practiced and cultivated to a point where we simply learn to do it better in order to gain larger perspective, understanding and tolerance on the relationship we have with our selves and often the “pain” or sensation of pain that we often find ourselves working with and or against.

Indeed our Brain & Spinal Cord or Central Nerve Sytem cares less about the distinction between whether the pain we are “hearing” or feeling is more physical or emotional and in fact always both are involved. We are at our best when we can give ourselves a clear opportunity to hear with greater clarity the message behind the sensation which can be cultivated when we take the time to focus the art of meditation.

To learn more how to do more better listening this year, join us Wednesday, February 23rd at 6:10 pm for our next Wellness Workshop: Breathe Well: Meditation for Life – A Beginners Class.