Pain Relief to Wellness

From Pain Relief to Wellness Care

Symptomatic Relief

Many people who seek care in our center have one initial goal - relief. So that’s where we start! In this short-term program, we’ll evaluate your present symptoms or injury, and provide the most effective treatment solution to ease your pain. By considering your past treatments and current needs, we’ll be able to speed up your recovery process from any sudden injuries or pain. Our symptomatic relief care is a powerful solution for pain relief needed “now.”

Corrective Chiropractic Care

We will evaluate your spinal imbalances and develop a personalized Corrective Program to restore proper alignment of the spine and optimal nervous system health. We target spinal and repetitive injuries, and use postural correction to drastically improve your health and wellbeing. We treat root causes of physical symptoms – and as a result your chronic pain may also be resolved. Based on an initial assessment, along with re-analysis and post-analysis, we develop a custom holistic treatment plan to ensure you overcome your ongoing health problems.

Wellness Care

The care the majority of our patients prefer! In this program at our chiropractic wellness centre we’ll provide a longterm holistic solution in order to keep your spine and nervous system healthy, and optimize your overall physical health. We’ll proactively address any spinal misalignments that may come up in your day to day living, and establish habits for you to follow in your daily life.

Our wellness care program also benefits individuals or families who haven’t experienced major physical problems but are looking for a proactive physical health solution. These are patients who seek to prevent problems from environmental factors – like a sedentary office space, repetitive motion, sports injuries, childhood falls, or postural stress from poor device use.