Recommended Products

Recommended Products

There may be some equipment, supplies or supports that the doctors recommend for you to help along with your care. In our center, we choose not to carry inventory or sell products, instead listing resources where you can purchase it directly yourself. If you have questions about any of the products, or to check if the chiropractors recommend them for you, please email us

Posture Sitting Disk

13" balance sit disk. Used as a wiggle seat to efficiently activate stabilizer muscles while sitting. A stability core trainer to help improve posture and strengthen core. Ideal for desk sitting.

Sitting disk

Adjustable Standing Desk Riser

Adjustable height desk riser sits right on your desk. Supports the variety of standing or sitting posture while at your desk to help reduce postural stress.

Adjustable standing desk riser

Wobble Balance Board

The 16" wood balance board used as a training device to help increase balance, performance and coordination. Training can help improve agility, reaction time, core stability, while challenging your static and dynamic balance along with your chiropractic care. Can also aid in strengthening ligaments and tendons during rehabilitation of the foot and ankle and to reduce the chance of injury.

Wobble balance board

Cervical Orthosis

A cervical orthosis is a neck support designed to help in the structural restoring of your natural healthy cervical curve (lordosis). It promotes spinal health by countering the negative forces caused by forward head posture. The chiropractors would help to supervise in the recommended use of the orthosis.

Cervical orthosis

Ergonomic Back Supports

Lumbar posture support device that helps provide lumbar support that most chairs do not have.

Lumbar support pillow

Upper Spine Support

An upper spine posture support brace helps alongside your chiropractic corrective care to improve your posture as well as stretch your anterior chest muscles.

Upper spine posture support brace

Foam Roller

Strong foam roller, medium density, for deep tissue muscle massage and trigger point release.

Strong foam roller

Exercise Balance Ball

Exercise balance ball for desk sitting, balance, stretching, stability and sitting comfort during pregnancy.

Fitness balance ball

Arch Foot Support

Arch support cushion insoles for shoes. Lightweight foam under heel and arch provides

Arch support insoles

Thumper Percussive Massager

Thumper sport percussive massager. Portable for home and sport use.

Thumper Sport Percusssive Massager

KT Kinesiology Athletic Tape

KT cotton elastic sports tape for training and competitive athletes. Used to support muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments  during training.

KT athletic tape

Biofreeze Topical Roll-On

Biofreeze topical cooling roll-on, used for athletes for fast acting temporary relief during sport and in between chiropractic adjustments.

Biofreeze roll-on

Cervical Therapeutic Pillow

The chiropractors may recommend a cylindrical cervical therapeutic sleeping pillow to help align your cervical spine while sleeping. Effective whether you sleep on your back or side. The pillow helps to support your neck in a neutral posture while sleeping, which can help with your corrective chiropractic care.

Cylindrical Sleeping Pillow

Customized Sleep Surface

If you are considering replacing your mattress, the doctors may recommend Foamite's custom premium foam mattresses. Foamite creates customized sleep surfaces that can help to give better support to your spine and any spinal shifts or translations that you may have. They can also customize the sleep surfaces so that your partner's side is made specific for them. They are made from natural products, for added health benefits. *

Custom Made Orthotics and Shoes

Your chiropractor can assess if you may benefit from custom orthotics or custom orthotic shoes. Orthotics can provide arch support and help control biomechanical alignment of the feet, as they serve as a strong base for your posture. They can also help to protect and support an injury or help with structural deformities. There is a full line of shoes with custom orthotics that can be ordered.

ask your chiropractor

Omega3 Fish Oil Capsules

Innate Choice omega sufficiency soft gel capsules with highly purified omega-3 fish oil and natural cod liver oil. Excellent supplement for immune function, recovery, wellness, prevention and performance. High quality triple purified oil.

Innate Choice Omega

D-Sufficiency Vitamin D Drops

Innate Choice vitamin D3 supplement drops promote immune strengthening and recovery, wellness, and prevention. Drops are easy for kids and all ages to ingest daily, without sugary fillers.

Innate Choice Vitamin D3

Probiotic Sufficiency Capsules

Innate Choice probiotic sufficiency capsules help support healthy intestinal flora. High quality probiotic formula.

Innate Choice Probiotic Sufficiency