Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

This is a very special Christmas for our family as we get to celebrate with you all, our new family in our first year here in South Florida away from much of our family back home in Canada.

Together with our team, Julie and Tammy, we extend our love and blessings to all of our new friends, family and extended practice members here at Great Life Chiropractic. We thank you all for all the love and support you’ve demonstrated to us during this life changing transition time. Special thank you’s as well to Great Life Chiro’s former team including Dr. Cliff Goldstein and Dr. Justin Brown.

We love serving our new community and look forward to helping as many families as possible experience life fully alive together, through optimal spinal health and wellness.

But first, we wish you and all of your growing families a Christmas and holiday season filled with joy and peace, remembering all of our blessings big and small, and the importance of continuing to put our health in the hands of his grace and principles of healing from above down and inside out daily too. May God bless you all in this GREAT LIFE we get to share and experience with one another.

Drs. C. Gus & Jacqueline Tsiapalis