5 Chiropractic Tips for the Holiday Season

1. Prioritize Movement

You may be thrown out of your routine in favor of hosting with family in town for extended periods. Don’t beat yourself up over this – it’s ok! Make sure to take the time to celebrate the Christmas and holiday season with family and friends. You may even miss a few workouts. Your movement does not need to be much. It could be a 15 minute bike ride, a fast paced 45 minute walk, or a 20 minute stretch and breathing routine. Take the time to integrate movement into your day. Your emotional, physical and spiritual state will thank you for it.

2. Practice Eating Well

One of the most enjoyable things about the holidays is the food. We often take part in rich, delicious meals and desserts to celebrate with family; tempting even the most disciplined of us. Choosing foods that help supply you with healthy nutrients to keep you in peak performance and alertness. Balance proteins with your carbohydrate choices, and keep these portions both smaller on your plate than your vegetable choices. Indulge in some of the rich foods and desserts you like, it is a special time! However, limit these to small portions. Too much of these foods are inflammatory and you won’t be feeling at your optimal.

3. Take it Easy on the Alcohol

In much the same way that the over-indulgence of rich low nutrient meals and desserts is detrimental to your health, alcohol can have many negative effects as well. As with anything: moderation is key. One or two drinks in celebration won’t make too much of a difference with regards to your overall health. But seven or eight drinks a night overtaxes the body’s amazing ability to balance, cleanse and restore itself.

4. The Mindset for Stress

The holidays aren’t all shiny and rosy. Many people experience high levels of stress at this time of the year. You may be feeling alone, or feeling pressure to keep your guests happy, or there may be family dynamics that create a stressful situation for you. Regardless of the source of your stress, it’s important to be in touch with where your mind is at. If you’re finding the waves of stress too much, stop, and make a change. Go for a short walk, speak with a friend, create space to meditate, practice breathing exercises. If you need outside help, reach out to Great Life Chiropractic, and your chiropractor will see if they can help or put you in touch with someone who can help.

5. Schedule a Chiropractic Appointment

As the busyness of the holiday season settles in, with people rushing around, be sure to schedule an appointment with your chiropractor. Our team at Great Life Chiropractic is ready to help you address any pain or concerns you may be experiencing, or anything new that comes up.

Wishing you a beautiful Christmas, Hannukah and Holiday Season