Healthy parents raise healthy kids!

With growing knowledge, research, and the acceptance of the public about the benefits of natural health care, we are gaining the wisdom that the healthiest children on the planet are NOT the ones that rely on medications or are raised with lifestyle & behavioural habits like too much TV, high inactivity and process food diets. Rather the healthiest children are the ones where PARENTS make healthier choices themselves first and then pass these down by example for their children to see.  If you’ve managing your health by waiting for a health crisis before you address it, chances are you children will too – based on the vitalistically oriented new biopsychosocials model of health that are now predominating in the research over and above the outdated genetic wiring models that took us into this new century. 

For members of the vitalistic health care supporter (rather than provider group), Chiropractors have been arguing this example model for years. The best example I can give is of the flight attendant on the last flight you took during their pre-flight safety orientation. I don’t remember ever hearing them say in the event of oxygen depressurization, that I should put my child’s mask on before mine. The reason being that your child will not be helpful to your child if you don’t first decided to take the healthy action step first for yourself. No doubt, it has been my experience that our ability as parents to make the choice first and let our children follow by example is the most powerful strategy we have to influence our children on the path to improved quality and quantity of health in their lives. Even more important than is to understand why teaching them to take care of their alignment, exercise, prayer and nutritional habits is so important early on in life.

When it comes to any health care provider you put on your team, your GP included, make sure they understand the principle that says symptoms account for only a maximum of 10% of how our body is actually functioning for us at a given moment in time. Typically, parents who use the strategy of taking care of their children by helping manage their symptoms find themselves spending most of their time having to extinguish overzealous fires rather than basking in their warm & controlled glow.  

When you play ahead of the game, that warm controlled fire builds with time and helps nourish your child’s  health.  Over time, you see the benefits with your children getting sick less often, having fewer sick days off school and overall being stronger, healthier, happier and more capable when it comes to accomplishing physical and mental tasks.

This is the health philosophy that our team shares with our community every day. It is so rewarding when we consistently see our patients (adults & children) report back to us the improvements they get to witness in their growing families.  Overall, it’s the first step to raising a healthier child and if you want to learn more, join us here at VC to learn the other 4 steps we recommend at our next Advanced Wellness Workshop, Wednesday, March 30th at 6:10pm – Live Well: Healthy Parents Raise Healthy Kids!