Improvement in Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability & Reduction in Dysautonomia in a 74-Year-Old Female Undergoing Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care: A Case Report & Review of the Literature

Christi Osborne D.C. & Benjamin Rauch D.C.

Journal of Upper Cervical Chiropractic Research ~ January 27, 2021 ~ Pages 1-9


Objective: The purpose of this case report is to report on the positive health outcomes following chiropractic care in a patient presenting with a low heart rate and related symptoms.

Clinical Features: The patient was a 74-year-old female presenting to a chiropractic clinic with a chief complaint of a low heart rate for 4 months prior. She was experiencing fatigue and lightheadedness. Examination and radiographs revealed an upper cervical subluxation.

Intervention and Outcome: Over an 8-week period the patient was seen for 20 office visits and received six adjustments. Atlas Orthogonal (AO) technique was the technique used to evaluate and adjust the patient. The patient noted improvement of her heart rate and symptoms of fatigue and dizziness after the third adjustment. A noted change of the HRV analysis from parasympathetic tone to sympathetic tone was recorded on the first re-assessment, 30 days after the initial HRV evaluation. Post radiographs demonstrated a reduction in the upper cervical subluxation.

Conclusion: This case study describes the positive health outcomes in a woman with low heart rate and related symptoms. Further research is necessary to explore the role of chiropractic in the management of these patients.