The Environment In You!

Extending your life is easy, you just have to learn more, so says David Cutler, dean for social sciences at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Harvard University, and Ellen Meara, assistant professor of health care policy at Harvard Medical School who cited that people having more than 12 years of education have significantly longer life expectancy than those who never went beyond high school.  

Well if that’s sounds good…let’s get learning and for this month’s article let’s be reminded that every organ system in your body is controlled by your Master System – your Nervous System? Like an orchestra in its pit, it sits away from the main stage action of all other systems and through memory, imagination, will, desire and other emotions, lovingly guides your every physiological action & process twenty four hours a day. When the orchestra is in tune and playing well, it cues the adaptation and decision making process of the actors and actresses well, but when it is now, 

Your RESPIRATORY SYSTEM breathes in the most powerful drug in the world…Oxygen! Your CIRCULATION SYSTEM pumps this amazing drug to all other systems. Your REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM engages the creative force. Your MUSCULAR SYSTEM move you when you want to be moved and sometimes when you don’t. Your IMMUNE SYSTEM defends your territory and more commonly over defends too. Your DIGESTIVE SYSTEM breaks down and absorb nutrients from your outer world required for proper cell repair and replacement. Your ENDOCRINE SYSTEM are the chemical tools the nerve system uses to better regulate our adaptive responses. Your SKELETAL SYSTEM provides structure, stability and support against force. Your URINARY SYSTEM filters your blood and  

This is the health philosophy that our team shares with our community every day. It is so rewarding when we consistently see our patients (adults & children) report back to us the improvements they get to witness in their growing families.  Overall, it’s the first step to raising a healthier child and if you want to learn more, join us here at VC to learn the other 4 steps we recommend at our next Advanced Wellness Workshop, Wednesday, March 30th at 6:10pm – Live Well: Healthy Parents Raise Healthy Kids!