Vital Vacation Tips

Summer Time is vacation time for many of us. The kids are out of school and family trips are planned. In the world of The 100 Year Lifestyle, we call vacations Play Time.

Play Time has many benefits and may help prevent forced time off that is caused by a health crisis. When someone makes the transition from Crisis Care to Lifestyle Care with their chiropractic adjustments, they often experience higher levels of health. The same is true with people who plan for and build vacations into their lifestyle.

Here’s why:

Vacations may help you live longer – A study by the State University of New York at Oswego that surveyed 12,000 men between ages 35 and 57, found that men who go on vacation every year reduce their overall risk of death by 20 percent.

The Framington Heart Study indicates women who regularly take time off have a 50 percent lower risk for heart attack.

Vacations can raise energy levels – Experts from the University of Pittsburgh and Radboud University both said that people had more energy and felt more satisfied with life while on vacation.

Vacations free your mind – Robert Kriegel, author of “How To Succeed In Business” believes many workers get their best ideas away from work and Los Angeles psychologist, Robert Butterworth told ABC, “The break will allow you to refresh your brain cells.”

Vacations can strengthen relationships – A Wisconsin Medical Journal published findings that women who take two or more vacations a year are less likely to be depressed, tired, or unhappy with their marital relationship.

If you believe you can’t take a vacation and there is too much at stake, in one way, you are right. There is too much at stake: The toll on your long term vitality, health and energy. Not taking Play Time can cause a buildup of stress that is unhealthy and can lead to all types of health problems.

Stress affects everyone differently. High levels of stress can contribute to heart disease, cancer, digestive issues and sleep deprivation. Stress can elevate cortisol levels and reduce the strength of your immune system. These are just a few conditions from a long list that can slowly sneak up on you over time or dramatically surprise you with the speed of their impact on your life.

If you use up all your sick days then have to dip into your vacation days, where is the win? You have the choice. Plan and take your vacation.

Leading up to your vacation, make sure you schedule your spinal checkups to determine if you need to get adjusted. Going on a vacation with a healthy spine and nervous system can make your trip more enjoyable while also improving your health and well-being.

Go ahead, adjust your lifestyle and take a vacation. You will be glad you did.

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