Text Neck: How to Avoid Strains and Pains

Our mod­ern dig­i­tal age has brought us many con­ve­niences. Black­Berry devices, iPhones, tablets and e-​readers allow us to com­mu­ni­cate and be enter­tained with the push of a but­ton. Tech­nol­ogy can improve our qual­ity of life, but it comes with a price: being hud­dled over devices for long period of times can do more harm than good.

Using cer­tain devices for extended peri­ods of time can eas­ily lead to neck strain, headaches, and pain in the shoul­ders, arms and hands. Any­one who has used a cell­phone or tablet for an exten­sive amount of time has prob­a­bly expe­ri­enced the pecu­liar strain it puts on your upper body. These con­di­tions even have their own name now: Text Neck.

Here are some sim­ple strate­gies to help shut down text neck strain:

Take fre­quent breaks
Tak­ing fre­quent breaks and look­ing up from your device can pro­vide your neck with some relief from the pres­sure of look­ing down.

Sit up straight
It is impor­tant to sit up straight while tex­ting. This way you can main­tain good pos­ture, reliev­ing your back and shoul­ders from the strain of being hunched over.

Hold the phone a lit­tle higher
Hold­ing the phone closer to eye level helps main­tain a healthy pos­ture and puts less strain on the neck.

Be sure to stretch often between long peri­ods of extended use of devices. You can rotate your shoul­ders with your arms by your sides to relieve ten­sion. You can also tuck your chin down to your neck and then look up – this helps to relieve some of the ten­sion in your neck built from the com­mon forward-​down posi­tion you adopt when look­ing at your device.

Pub­lished by the Ontario Chi­ro­prac­tic Association

When text neck is caus­ing a not­i­ca­ble change in pos­ture and symp­toms are con­tin­u­ing: Visit your chiropractor

They can check the neck for pos­si­ble spinal mis­align­ment and spinal dys­func­tion, and rec­om­mend strate­gies for correction.

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