Resolution of Vertigo, Restored Hearing & Improved Quality of Life

Michael T. Burcon, B.Ph., D.C.

Journal of Upper Cervical Chiropractic Research ~ May 10, 2021 ~ Pages 10-19


Objective: To report on the positive health outcomes following chiropractic care in a woman suffering from Meniere’s Disease.

Clinical Features: Fifty-one-year-old woman diagnosed with Type 1 Chiari malformation, Meniere’s disease, migraine, concussion, whiplash, upper cervical subluxation and TMJ dysfunction. The patient received a prior suboccipital craniectomy with dural patch and atlas (C1) laminectomy for type I Chiari malformation to treat her symptoms including Meniere’s disease. She experienced only temporary relief and then sought chiropractic for further evaluation. Upper cervical and C5 vertebral subluxation were identified utilizing imaging and thermal scanning.

Intervention & Outcome:   Upper cervical and mid cervical adjustments were performed. The patient reported at her two-year checkup that she had not had a vertigo relapse since her first adjustment. Her vertigo number went from 10 to a 1 for occasional imbalance but no dizziness. Hearing was restored and the tinnitus was replaced by an occasional humming sound. She reports she has her confidence back, can drive and shop again and her sleep has improved.

Conclusion: 51 year old woman suffering from Meniere’s Disease and post failed craniectomy experienced positive health outcomes following chiropractic care. Further research is recommended.