Resolution of Hypothyroidism and Improved Cervical Curve in a 52-Year-Old Female

Resolution of Hypothyroidism & Improved Cervical Curve in a 52-Year-Old Female Undergoing Chiropractic Care for Vertebral Subluxation: A Case Study & Review of the Literature

Caitlin Reimer, DC

Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research ~ January 27, 2020 ~ Pages 171-177


Objective: The purpose of this paper is to report the effects of subluxation based chiropractic care utilizing Diversified Technique with a 52-year-old female patient with hypothyroidism that was previously treated using prescription thyroid medication.

Clinical Features: A 52-year-old female presented for chiropractic care with a chief complaint of discomfort and/or paresthesia in the cervical spine, upper thoracic spine, bilateral cervical dorsal spine, mid thoracic spine, bilateral knee pain and bilateral hip pain with extensive sitting.  She was previously diagnosed with hypothyroidism by her medical doctor and was prescribed medication to treat this condition.

Intervention and Outcomes: A thorough case history, physical examination and chiropractic examination were performed and it was found that the patient had vertebral subluxations of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine, sacrum and pelvis. After 9 months of regular, subluxation specific, chiropractic care, the patient reported that blood work indicated she no longer had hypothyroidism and her medical doctor had removed her from all medications. Six months following this, the patient’s blood work indicated she was maintaining normal levels of TSH, without medication. The patient is still under regular chiropractic care.

Conclusions: Subluxation based chiropractic care may be a beneficial approach in reversing hypothyroidism, reduction of the symptoms of hypothyroidism and improving the quality of life for individuals with hypothyroidism. Further research is necessary to prove a correlation between chiropractic care and the reversal of hypothyroidism and to validate the benefit of chiropractic care for improved quality of life for persons diagnosed with hypothyroidism.

Key Words: hypothyroidism, hypothyroid, thyroid, chiropractic, chiropractic adjustment, vertebral subluxation, Diversified Technique