Longevity: How Much Life Will You Get Out of Your Life?

Consider your life as a journey that you are taking. There are different kinds of  journeys. A day trip is a short burst of fun that doesn’t require much planning and pacing of energy, time and resources. An all-out, full-length safari of a vacation is an epic voyage, packed with possibilities, and requiring careful preparation to balance energy, time and resources for maximum enjoyment. Are you living your life like a series of day trips, or like a safari?

It’s essential to be able to live in the moment, like a day trip – so that we live each moment fully. But, to get the most out of your life on a long-term basis, you need to think “safari”: to enjoy a long, strong, lively life into your senior years, you need to practice the longevity lifestyle now. You must take great care of your body, mind and spirit so you have the health and vitality to live your whole life.

Fundamentals of the longevity lifestyle include:

  1. Empowered Attitude: take responsibility for your own health; resolve to be positive; take action and know that it’s never too late!
  2. Enhanced Body Chemistry: nutritious food, pure water, enough sleep, regular exercise, power naps; be as drug-free as possible – use medications only when absolutely necessary; reduce harmful habits, e.g. smoking, alcohol, coffee, sugar.
  3. Balanced Living: time for yourself; spirituality; loving relationships; giving to others; living within your means.
  4. Healthy Sleep: if you feel grumpy, stiff and overtired in the mornings, chances are your not getting healthy sleep. take the time to re-establish a healthier sleep ritual and ask your Custom Sleep Chiropractor about the sleep surface that works best for you.
  5. Optimal Spinal Health: your spine protects your nervous system, which operates your whole body – its health is key to your overall health. when was the last time you checked yours?