Good Nutrition: It’s Not Rocket Science!

Suppose you have a rocket – an incredibly sophisticated and complex machine – and you are planning the voyage of a lifetime to Mars. A trip like that will require all sorts of supplies. You will certainly need fuel – but what kind? Your rocket will need huge amounts of energy to journey to Mars, so you will want to get the best fuel around. Before you go shopping, you need to know what components premium fuel should (and shouldn’t) contain. You also need to have a solid understanding of how your rocket works, and how it burns its fuel.

It may surprise you to know that you DO have a rocket, and you ARE currently on the voyage of a lifetime: your body is the fantastic machine in which you are journeying through your life. And you body certainly deserves premium quality fuel, because a good life requires a lot of energy! But many of us are unsure about what we should eat and drink to keep ourselves healthy and full of vitality. How can we make this simple?

  1. Keep You Balance: choose the right balance of fat, protein, carbohydrates
  2. Typing Skills: people of different blood types may thrive on different balances of food groups – discover your body type and the food groups that work for you
  3. Water Works: plenty of water is essential to overall body functioning
  4. Exercise Your Options: regular exercise keeps all your systems running smoothly – especially your organs of digestion
  5. Super Supplements: consider the benefits of supplements like barley green, protein powder and omega 3…just to name a few
  6. Sugar Alert: reduce intake of sugar and other harmful substances
  7. Start From the Inside Out: Remember that your digestive system is operated by your nervous system! If the nervous system is compromised due to a misaligned spine, your body can’t properly process your food. Get your spine checked by a chiropractor.

For more information on healthy eating strategies, join our Doctors here at Vaughan Chiropractic on Wednesday, July 28th for our next Advanced Eat Well workshop where we’ll discuss best options for cleansing and supplementation to add to your healthy eating practice. This is one of our most popular workshops every year and is sure to fill up since there is limited seating. Call 905-850-0909 to reserve a seat for you and a family member today!