Rodeo Cowboys Helped by Chiropractic

From the May 8th, 2006, issue of the Ventura County Star comes an interesting article on rodeo cowboys and chiropractic. The article starts off by reviewing the harsh incidents rodeo cowboys endure. The article describes how they get tossed around on the back of an angry 1,800-pound bull, they leap off a galloping horse, many times into the spiky horns of a charging steer. Often they get hurt and then pick themselves up, dust themselves off and endure the pain.

The article continues and notes that even the roughest, toughest cowboys need help. That’s when they mosey over to the Pro-Sport Chiropractic tent to get some TLC and Chiropractic care. At the the Conejo Valley Days rodeo, the cowboys would slip just beyond the spectators site into a tent where they would get adjusted.

A local chiropractor who cares for the cowboys, Dr. Terry Weyman said, “I’ve seen guys with noses splayed open, and they still talk to you like nothing is wrong. It’s the world’s roughest sport, bull riding. If you can handle these guys, you can handle anybody.”

The article goes onto say that every time ProSport Chiropractic sets up a tent at professional rodeos around the country, the cowboys come to get care. One rodeo cowboy, bull wrestler Kevin McKinney noted in the article that his pain was a “nine” on a scale of one to ten. “I’m hurting,” was his comment as he came into the tent for care.

McKinney’s wife, Tammy, who was wearing a T-shirt that read, “Every girl loves a dirty cowboy,” agreed that he must be hurting if he says anything. She added, “He’ll ride if he’s hurt. That’s how much he loves it.” After getting evaluated and receiving chiropractic care, McKinney walked away. Then, referring to his aches and pain, he commented, “It’s always worth it.”