Public Health Ministry of Thailand Recognizes Chiropractic

A news article published on January 27, 2008 in “The Nation”, Bangkok’s independent newspaper from Thailand, reports that Thailand is the second country in Asia to issue chiropractic licenses. This past July, a total of 17 of the first chiropractic licenses were issued to the candidates who passed the licensing examination.

The article, written in the English language paper in Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, was designed to announce to the people of Bangkok the introduction and new acceptance of chiropractic care in their country of Thailand.

Dr. Oat Buranasombati, president of the Thailand Chiropractic Association noted that chiropractic was first introduced in Thailand about 10 years ago but is relatively unknown outside the United States. He also noted that chiropractic care is not available in hospitals but is available in about 10 other facilities in the country. He also estimates that 30 percent of those currently getting care in Thailand are from outside that country while 70 percent are local citizens.

The article attempts to explain chiropractic to a people who are totally unfamiliar by saying, “Treatment begins with a general inquiry followed by a thorough body-structure examination.” They then continue by explaining, in basic terms the concept of adjustments of subluxations, “Vertebrae that have moved are restored by hand to their original place to improve the patient’s nervous system.”