Move to Groove – The 5 Functional Pillars

Last January, we blogged about the importance of not only moving your body, but learning to do it in a variety of fun & healthy ways.

Over the past year, we had a lot of great feedback on that blog and I’ve witnessed many practice members varying up their exercise not only weekly, but also seasonally to achieve healthier exercise results. It’s really exciting to see!

Just like it’s important to vary the kinds of foods we eat, it’s also important on a physiological level to vary the kinds of movements we make too. Over the years, I’ve found that understanding the FIVE FUNCTIONAL PILLARS is critical if you want to move into a better results groove with your fitness efforts over the long term. They include: core strength, aerobic capacity (oxygenation), flexibility, power and mindful balance.

When you start a fitness or exercise routine, I find that those who ask themselves which of these pillars they’re planning to work on get more out of their efforts than those who don’t. Like eating right, it is essential to have a knowledge around what it is you’re eating and what the foods from each of the food groups will add to your body, in order to meet your goal, whatever that may be.

Although moving your body a little is better than not moving it at all, I believe you’ll find that most of the exercise you are doing is only hitting one of the following categories at a time and this may be the reason you may not be getting the results you’re looking for.

For instance, the last few years I’ve spent doing a lot of time walking and running and although my aerobic capacity has improved, my strength, flexibility and balance have not.

When considering which exercise activities you’ll embark on this year, measure the functional pillars as well. For example, activities such as spinning , which involves 3 pillars, or yoga or a martial art, which can involve up to 4, can go a long way to helping you better meet your health goals.

Those of you who prefer sports like volleyball, baseball, golf, tennis, hockey, basketball, squash or soccer can also break down which functional pillars may be at work for you during your sport. In most cases, sport based activity usually challenge our flexibility, strength and balance components.

To learn more about functional pillars and how you can identify which ones are at play in the activities you choose, join us Wednesday, January 30th at 6:30pm. I’ll break down these ideas further and we’ll also introduce the first of 2 Groovy new workouts for 2013. The first is called Groove 360 Dance/Fit that’s sure to be a smash hit in 2013 because of how it tackles all of the 5 pillars during one workout. There will be a FREE for practice members demonstration workout following the workshop for the first 15 to sign up from 7:30-8:30 that night at Real Fitness next door so come with your workout gear!

Following that, on Monday, February 4th from 1-2pm at Beach Blast, I’m introducing SANDYOGA, the first workout in the sand, specially designed for seniors and those who’ve struggled with weight bearing (feet, knee, hip & back) issues for years and have stopped moving their bodies the way they use to.  You can learn more about each of these by visiting our website.

So whatever REvOLUTIONS you’ve decided upon, as we groove together into 2013…we want to be there to help you stay strong and encourage you to keep your faith sky high in your INNATE and it’s natural ability to guide you along your healing path from above down and inside out!