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Easier, Safer Birth and Pregnancy

I remember when I first discovered that I was pregnant I organized a plan for the next 9 months to provide as healthy an environment as possible for our little growing baby. I became more conscious of what foods I was putting in my body. I stopped using products that had chemicals in them. I modified my exercise for stamina instead of strengthening. And I started getting adjusted regularly.

What…adjusted? From the moment they’re pregnant to the day of birth every mom tries her best to be healthy. So why get adjusted? And why during pregnancy? Think about posture. Imagine that you have in your care a fruit tree. The tree has an amazing inborn intelligence to draw energy from the sun and nutrition from the soil. But in order for the fruits to grow, you need to take good care of it.

How should you plant the tree to produce the most fruits? Would you plant your tree (A) straight with support and room for it to grow? Of, would you (B) let it tilt to the side, growing at an angle, pinching off its energy system? The obvious choice is (A), right? But many of us choose (b) unknowingly…with the “tree” being our body, and “(B)” being poor posture. Our posture is prone to changes during pregnancy, as our baby grows bigger, and the postural stress put on our spine can cause the spinal vertebrae to shift out of their healthy alignment (also known as a subluxation). This in turn puts pressure on the nerves, interfering with the nerve flow through the body. The most common results for pregnant women are low back pain and sciatic nerve pressure. However, the effects not often thought about are the torsion and constraint that poor posture and subluxations can put on the growing baby as well as misaligned pelvic bones and subluxations which can make labour and birth more difficult and longer.

Fortunately, chiropractic care throughout pregnancy corrects and prevents subluxations resulting from poor posture. Adjustments work to realign the spinal vertebrae into their healthy position taking the pressure off the nervous system. I was blessed to discover chiropractic in my early 20’s. I was adjusted throughout all of my pregnancies, and all 3 of our children’s births were healthy, natural, without any intervention and drug free.

Many moms, who have been adjusted throughout their second and third pregnancies, exclaim they wish they had known about chiropractic care for their first baby. We also hear from so many women that they have had low back pain in the region where their epidural was for years since giving birth. Studies show that labour time is almost 30% shorter for those women under chiropractic care through pregnancy.

For an easier, safer birth  and pregnancy, please let your family, friends and colleagues know about chiropractic care.

Blessings, Dr Jacqueline Tsiapalis