Migraine Sufferers Helped by Chiropractic Reported in News Stories

Several news stories appeared in the general press citing cases of migraine sufferers being helped by chiropractic care. One such story appeared on the June 7, 2007 WIStv.com, one in the June 6th Times Plus of Wisconsin and still another on the June 4, 2007 Boston channel 2 news. These stories noted that migranes affect nearly 28 million people and cost an estimated $13 billion a year in reduced productivity.

One of these stories describes the plight of Pam Delrosso a woman who suffered from debilitating migraines for 25 years. Ms. Delrosso described her life with migranes by saying, “My quality of life just went downhill. I’d be in bed for days on end.”

A second migraine sufferer, Adriana Grassi was a personal trainer who was very much into physical fitness. She describes her passion for fitness by saying, “This is my job, my career. I love doing what I do. I think I can help people change their lives.” Unfortunately, Grassi’s career almost came to an end due to the onset of migraines. She remembers, “I had a problem training my clients because I had terrible migraines. I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t even see, sometimes, the light.”

According to the two stories both women went to neurologists, both had MRIs, CAT scans, and both were given a variety of medications. In both cases, medical care did not work. Fortunately, both women turned to chiropractic care.

Both articles report that the two women underwent a form of chiropractic care known as Orthogonal Chiropractic. According to Dr. Ryan Alther, a chiropractor interviewed for these stories, “Ortho meaning 90 degrees. We’re trying to get the skull 90 degrees to the atlas, which is the top vertebrae, and the atlas at 90 degrees to the rest of the neck.” Dr. Alther explains that when the head and neck are not at right angles, it can cause nerve interference and alter blood flow, resulting in severe headaches, neck and back pain.

For Pam Delrosso the results from chiropractic care were life changing. She states, “They don’t devastate me like they did before. I’ll get an occasional headache — maybe once a month, every 2 months. It goes away in an hour and it doesn’t put me in bed for three days.”

Adriana Grassi also had a life changing experience because of her chiropractic care. The articles note that she’s been headache free for months. She commented, “I would definitely say it’s a miracle.”