Meet Bryson

by Dr Zach Crowe, Dixon Center for Integrative Health Care, Nashville, TN

Meet Bryson. He’s an 11 year old boy who is full of energy. On Mother’s Day he was playing flag football when he was inadvertently knocked to the ground. He thought nothing of it at the time, but to his and his parents surprise he awoke the next morning with no ability to use the left side of his face. As any good parent would, they took him to see a plethora of medical doctors including primary care, emergency room physicians, and neurologists, none of which had anything to offer them other than a diagnosis of Bell’s Palsy and the recommendation that it “should resolve itself over time”. Two weeks had come and gone since he lost motor function of his facial musculature and there had been no improvement.

Unsatisfied, Bryson’s parents brought him to me, a chiropractor. When I saw him the first day, he was only able to drink through straws to avoid the fluid coming back out of his mouth. He was sleeping with his left eye partially open, constantly watering. He had lost 70% of his hearing in his left ear.

We decided to proceed with some adjustments, and after only the first adjustment, full hearing was restored in his left ear. After the second adjustment Bryson had roughly 50% of his facial control on the left side back, starting in his forehead, eyebrow, and mouth. This was all in the first week. The second picture shows Bryson’s improvement through 2 weeks and 4 adjustments. He has now regained upwards of 90% of his motor function back on the left side of his face.

Chiropractic is an incredible healing profession and it has been an honor to aid this young man and his body to heal ITSELF. You see, I didn’t fix him. I removed the nerve interference and that allowed his body to properly adapt, heal, and return to a normal functioning state.

Thanks, Bryson!