Light Cigarettes More Dangerous Than Thought

For those who thought smoking light cigarettes was somehow safer, comes a report in the Jan. 19, 2000 Journal of the National Cancer Institute. In this report, researchers state that their findings indicate about 80 percent of smokers in the United States who regularly smoke “light” cigarettes are getting twice the exposure of carcinogens than previous estimates. The researchers said the findings suggest that smokers may feel a false sense of security believing the low-tar and low-nicotine are somehow less dangerous to their health. In a similar article reported by “OnHealth”, the Canadian government will require cigarette packages to include graphic images of diseases caused by smoking. Health Minister Allan Rock says the pictures will depict images, such as blackened lungs and a cancerous mouth, that will cover half of the front panel of all cigarette packs produced in Canada or imported. These pictures should be a “hard-hitting message” to folks about the dangers of smoking.