Kids and Ipads

ipad postureThe use of ipads and tablets is growing exponentially.
The average time a child spends on a device every day is increasing.
Kids sit in abnormal and poor posture for prolonged periods while on devices.

The most common poor posture is the body cradling the device with the head bent forward.

This posture causes a huge increase in the load on the neck and shoulders. This causes a flattening out or loss of the healthy spinal curve in the neck.

Research shows that a prolonged loss of neck curve in children can lead to poor spinal bone formation and abnormal growth and development. Loss of the normal neck curve also results in stress on the nerve system and interferes with the brain’s ability to communicate with the body.

A spinal posture checkup can help to assess the impact an ipad, ipod or tablet is a having on your child’s spine and nerve system. This Marck Break schedule your children for a spinal checkup to help keep them on the road of optimal health.