Justine’s Health Transformation

Justine April2015Justine June 2015Justine is an elementary school teacher who discovered Vaughan Chiropractic through Google. She had been experiencing chronic recurrent episodes of low back pain over the years and presented on her first visit with constant, sharp low back pain that was worse with sitting and lying down for extended periods of time. After learning about vertebral subluxation and how it was impacting her health, Justine began a structural correction program at Vaughan Chiropractic. And after a series of adjustments, Justine reported feeling reduced pain, increased mobility, increased flexibility and less tension in her low back along with improved sleep and digestion. At her first examination you can see, from her thermal nerve scan, how much nerve interference there was (red is severe) and at her first progress exam, she was not only feeling better, but her nerve interference and structural alignment improved by 70%. As she continues care through to wellness care we look forward to seeing ongoing improvements.

Thank you for your confidence and trust in us Justine!