Honouring Moms

Pathways to Family Wellness Spring issue honours mothers, and to help mothers Dr Jeanne Ohm summarizes below three key insights about how chiropractic care provides an easier mothering experience.

Dr Jeanne Ohm:

The first key is that chiropractic care helps improve the nervous system’s ability to adapt to stress. This is vital, not only for dealing with the stresses of mothering, but for future pregnancies and births to unfold safely. An over stressed nervous system employs certain methods of stress management which compromise optimal physiology. Often we find the nervous system of young mothers to be in a perpetual state of stress due to a host of modern-day factors. Finding the right dynamic balance in the modern world with chiropractic care helps you achieve optimal physiology for your pregnancy, birth, and future bonding.

The second key is that chiropractic works to optimize spinal and pelvic alignment, freeing up the space for your baby to assume the most ideal position for birth and to descend down the birth canal, helping assure a healthy and safe birth process.

The third key is that chiropractic is safe for infants and children. ICPA trained doctors have taken extensive training to know how to assess individuals of all ages, and with the lightest of touches correct misalignments and tensions that your newborn or young child may have suffered early in life.

Chiropractic care for moms is monumentally valuable, and this is not an overstatement. In fact, chiropractic is one of the most effective forms of prenatal and postnatal care for achieving healthy birth outcomes and optimal early development.