Happy Thanksgiving

Dr Gus TeamA message of THANKS to our Chiropractic practice member families!
Dr Jacqueline and I feel so blessed to be your Family Chiropractors over the last 18 years. We want to thank you for being a part of our lives, and our chiropractic centre.

We are thankful to have ben called to what we do, and to be an instrument in your healing process. It is your own innate intelligence in your body that God and the universe gave you, that does the healing. Chiropractic enhances your life energy and life force, keeping the connection between the brain and the body, and the body and the brain strong by removing any interference along the nerve pathways. The improved life force flowing through your body, allows you to live at your best potential.

If you haven’t received chiropractic care in a while and are interested in optimizing and maintaining your health, you are always welcome! Chiropractic works for every body – babies, children, mom, dad, grandma, grandpa.

Our Thanksgiving thoughts and prayers are with you and your families over the weekend and throughout the coming year.

With Love from Above Down and Inside Out!

Drs. Gus & Jacqueline Tsiapalis & the Vaughan Chiropractic Team