Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger States Support for Chiropractic

Once again for 2005 Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared as the feature speaker at the International Chiropractors Association Sports and Fitness Symposium. The event was held March 4-5, 2005 in conjunction with the Arnold Bodybuilding and Fitness Classic. For each of the past 13 years Arnold, (now Governor Schwarzenegger) has taken time out of his Fitness Classic to make an appearance and speak to the chiropractors. In addition to his speech he also takes the time to take a picture with each chiropractor present.

Governor Schwarzenegger has been a long time supporter of chiropractic and has said so on many occasions. He strongly believes that chiropractic is a natural approach to health and many people benefit from chiropractic care.

“I am so happy to be back among such good friends because we are really partners in the same mission, getting people well and keeping them healthy through natural means,” said Governor Schwarzenegger. ” As partners, we know the relationship between exercise and health, and chiropractors are the best profession to help make this happen. Chiropractors are truly the most noble of health professionals because of the good that you do. I know in my own experience, and with my own family, chiropractic has helped me and kept me going when other people would have had to just give up because they couldn’t make it. You all know Dr. Franco Columbu is a great chiropractor and he has been with me for so many years, in competitions, in making movies; he is like my own personal chiropractor, always there to take care of me, and that has been a big part of my success.”

This year Governor Schwarzenegger also made a special point of speaking about school lunches. He stated that he believes that children should not have junk food present in the school. He said that children should have healthy food to help them live healthier lives.