Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Addresses Chiropractic Symposium

On March 4th, 2006 Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, a long-time chiropractic supporter, addressed a group of around 200 Doctors of Chiropractic at the 14th annual International Chiropractors Association (ICA) Symposium on Natural Fitness. The event is held each year in conjunction with the Governor’s own bodybuilding and fitness event, the Arnold Fitness Weekend.

In his appearance at the ICA event Governor Schwarzenegger spoke to the group of professionals on a number of issues including his most recent mishap on a motorcycle. In his candor he admitted that after the accident he had been suffering and in some pain. He then sought the help of a long time friend Dr. Franco Columbu. Dr. Columbu is a chiropractor and a former champion bodybuilder, having won numerous bodybuilding championships including the most coveted Mr. Olympia in 1975, 1976, and 1980.

Mr. Schwarzenegger told the chiropractic audience, “As Governor, you have a chance every day to help people. This is what we have in commonWe are friends of chiropractors because chiropractors are dealing with health, fitness, strength and energyThat’s what chiropractors are all about, helping people, to make them strong and fit and get their lives back together. So here we are for fourteen years, holding interesting meetings, working together, learning from each other, and I just wanted to tell you how proud we are of all of you, and how happy we are that we have joined together in this great program.”

Governor Schwarzenegger also spoke about his own personal experience with chiropractic, telling the audience that after his recent and much publicized motorcycle accident, ” Even though on screen I am the robot, the mechanical man, in reality I am also vulnerable and I have my accidents; and you probably heard about my motorcycle accidentmy head was thrown forward and I had stitches on my lipbut you know your neck and back afterwards are sore, and I went to the chiropractor who fixed me up and it was really bad for a few days and I couldn’t move; and he gave me just three adjustments and I was perfectly fine after that. So I just want to say that I love your profession.”

Governor Schwarzenegger concluded his talk and then took the time to pose for individual pictures with each of the doctor’s present. His ongoing support of chiropractic is evident as he continues to make a point of being present for the chiropractic event even though he has cancelled most of his other appearances during the Fitness Weekend since becoming governor of California.

The Arnold Fitness Weekend is the largest family fitness festival in the world. This year’s weekend hosted more than 30 events, drew over 120,000 spectators and featured over 15,000 athletes, which is more than six times the number present at this year’s Winter Olympics.