Glaucoma Helped by Chiropractic

An interesting case study was recently published in the Journal Of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics July / August 2000 edition. In this journal was a case study review of a 25 year old woman who went to a chiropractor for back pain. This woman was also suffering from congenital glaucoma which severely affected her vision.

Before chiropractic care was initiated, the patient was sent for a comprehensive ophthalmologic examination to determine the severity of her glaucoma. The result of that exam was that the patient did indeed have severe eyesight impairment due to her congenital condition.

Almost immediately after she initiated her chiropractic care, (one visit), the patient noticed an improvement in eyesight. After four adjustments, the patients monocular visual field had increased from approximately 2% to approximately 20% of normal. Although the patient would never regain total eyesight the ten-fold improvement in just one week was significant.

Although many other reports of this type have been made by chiropractors, in their practices this case was unique because it was verified by a before, and after, ophthalmologic examination performed by an independent medical ophthalmic surgeon. This case was also well documented and published in a peer reviewed scientific journal.