Emily’s Scoliosis Story

Hi I'm Emily,

I'm 13 years old and this is my story of how I came to see chiropractors Drs Gus and Jacqueline. I found
out that I had scoliosis when I was in grade 4. I came to school with a pain in my chest and it
was so bad that my mom came to pick me up and brought me to the hospital.

While at the hospital they did a bunch of tests and x-rays of my heart, thinking that my heart was the
problem. But when they called me and my mom to see the results they said everything was fine
except that my back had a curve. This was certainly not the news we were expecting. After that
we went to the family doctor and he sent a referral for me to a specialist hospital. When we went to
the specialist hospital they took x rays of me and told me and my mom that I would need a back brace
because I had scoliosis.

The following year they made me a brace that would last about a year. The brace was really uncomfortable. I had to wear it 22 hours a day and had only 2 hour breaks a day. The reason I wore the brace was so my scoliosis wouldn't get worse and my curve wouldn't get more severe. The doctor said that my back wouldn't get much better but the brace
would prevent anything from getting worse. I had to sleep with the brace everyday. But as I
wore the brace more and more my hips started to hurt and get numb, and my abdomen was
getting weak. Every 6 months I had to go to the specialist hospital for check ups. And once my back brace
was too small I had to go back to the specialist hospital to make a new one.

In 2019 my doctor told me that my back was better and I wouldn't need the brace for much longer. I was really happy and couldn't wait. But that year I still had all the pain with the brace. Hips were getting numb and my
back was getting bruises. Once my check up came for the specialist hospital I was very excited. I really was
hoping I wouldn't need another back brace. But when my x-ray came in the doctor said my back
was good but that I would need another brace just so my back curve wouldn't get worse. I was
sad because she said I would need to wear another brace for another year and a half. She did not give me any other options.

I was so sad because I couldn't wear another brace, my body was tired and in pain. The doctor asked us to go measure me for another brace but my mom said not today. I really didn't want another brace, so my parents said they would think of something else. My mom was having some neck pain so she went online to find a
chiropractor and saw Dr. Gus and Dr. Jacqueline's Chiropractic Center. So she went for a check up. Then she told me that maybe I could go to their Chiropractic Center and take swimming lessons instead of getting a brace.

I was happy that we found another solution. So I went to see Dr. Gus for a check up
and Dr Gus said he could help me by doing chiropractic adjustments and giving me exercises to do. After
going to the chiropractor for a while I felt so much better, my hips didn't hurt and I felt no pain.
Dr. Gus and Dr. Jacqueline have helped me so much and I have already seen results. I can't wait to keep getting better with my chiropractic care.