Could Your Child Benefit from a Visit to a Chiropractor?

The above question is the title of an article from the national publication, Parents and Kids, in the July 25, 2006 issue. The article was an informative contribution covering good information in a magazine whose self-proclaimed purpose is “A Guide to Smart Parenting From Baby to Preteen”.

The article starts by reviewing the fact that children are susceptible to spinal trauma that can have an effect on the nervous system. The article notes that, “Nerve system stress, left unaddressed, impairs the child’s ability to function in a state of optimal health and well-being.” The article further notes that Chiropractors refer to this nerve system stress as subluxations of the bones of the spine and cranium. They also note that these subluxations may not cause any immediate symptoms and that “pain and malfunction may not show up for many years.”

The recommendations from the article are that children should be checked soon after birth. They note that the birth process itself can have a damaging effect on spinal structures. Although a traumatic birth process is surely reason for alarm, the article notes, “Even the most natural births are somewhat traumatic to the infant and may cause hidden nerve system damage.” Additionally, the article points out that, “It has been shown that many children who experience symptoms of difficulty sleeping breastfeeding, digestion (colic and reflux), repeated ear and respiratory infections have impaired nerve system function.”

The author of the article notes that chiropractic care for children is specific and does not cause pain or discomfort. They provide a list of some of the more common reasons why you may want to consider having your child checked by a chiropractor. These include; difficult birth, difficulty nursing, colic, reflux, trouble sleeping, ear infections, frequent colds and infections, allergies/asthma, behavioral problems (ADD), and postural abnormality, head tilt, high shoulder or hip.

The article concludes with a list provided by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association ( of what they term, “Successful results from chiropractic care.” This list includes; increased immunity, fewer colds/infections, increased athletic potential, increased energy, relief from allergies/asthma, better sleep habits, reduction in hyperactivity, and scoliosis improvement.