Clumsiness Scale

Research is currently being conducted in the positive role that chiropractic plays in assisting those who have poor proprioceptive function. Proprioception is the ability of the brain to sense the relative position of the body parts in space, and the ability to move without looking at your moving body parts. For example, when you close your eyes, you still have a sense of body position.

When this sense is impaired, you are more likely to be clumsy and accident prone. We know that chiropractic care improves the communication between the brain and body, and the body and brain, improving proprioception input and output, as well as neural connections in the brain for proprioception.

This is why research is being conducted to explore this further.

The test that was developed for research is a dysfunctional sensorimotor integration scale, also labelled a ‘clumsiness scale.’ The higher your reading on the scale, the more likely you need to see a chiropractor.

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