Chiropractors Recognized in Thailand

From around the world comes a July 9, 2007 story published by Nation Multimedia in Thailand. The story starts off by proclaiming, “Thailand has become the second place in Asia to officially recognize chiropractic treatment.” Hong Kong is the only other country in Asia to officially issue licenses to chiropractors. Chiropractic care has been available in Thailand since 1993.

In recognizing an historic event in that country, Dr. Oat Buranasombati noted that testing for the certification of chiropractors in his country took place the previous week. In the article he explained that “subluxation”, (when one or more vertebrae move out of position and pressure or irritate nerves), can cause a variety of health issues including backache and pain in the shoulders and arms.

Although the knowledge of chiropractic is still very limited in Thailand, and the number of practitioners is small, the article notes that the popularity is growing rapidly. Dr. Oat reports that there were 21 local and foreign chiropractors in Thailand – most in Bangkok and Pattaya. He also stated that a school of chiropractic may well soon start in the area, “We want to start a chiropractic course at Rangsit University next year. We hope to recruit around 30 students.”

Chiropractic internationally is growing in leaps and bounds. Mr. Ron Hendrickson, former executive director of the International Chiropractors Association commented, “The International Chiropractors Association strongly supports the formal recognition of chiropractic by governments worldwide and we applaud the efforts of the chiropractic community in Thailand on achieving this important milestone. Chiropractic is a powerful addition to the health care sector of any nation, for its proven clinical effectiveness, its safety and appropriateness for patients of all ages, and for its unique cost effectiveness because of the non-surgical, drugless, natural approach to health and healing applied by doctors of chiropractic. Many other Asian nations have growing chiropractic communities and it is only a matter of time before chiropractic science and practice is formally embraced by their governments.”