Chiropractic Represented at Anti-Aging Health Conference

Chiropractic was represented at the world’s largest “anti-aging” conference in Chicago July 13-15, 2001. At this conference four chiropractic presenters provided important data and insights on the role of chiropractic in the care of older patients. The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) who sponsored the conference, is recognized as the society which has changed the way the world thinks about human aging. Due to the rising demand for new ideas in anti-aging health, the program spanned three days and featured three distinct learning tracks, including the chiropractic educational sessions.

Chiropractic offers two wonderful benefits for the elderly. First chiropractic aids in mobility allowing the elderly to enjoy a more mobile life. Secondly, chiropractic offers more vitality and overall health. By removing nerve interference from subluxations the entire body functions better and responds to the changes of aging in a more positive manner.

Dr. D.D. Humber, ICA President said, “This inter-disciplinary professional conference represents an important frontier for chiropractic because only chiropractic offers a truly drug-free approach to health. In a segment of the population awash with prescription drugs, and where one-half of all emergency room presentations by Medicare beneficiaries are related to those prescription drugs, chiropractic awareness becomes an urgent matter of public health. This event provided the Chiropractic Profession with an opportunity to educate consumers and other professionals alike on the value of chiropractic as a health care discipline that encourages wellness practices with their patients.”

“The growing numbers of older people in the population present increasing challenges as well as opportunities for health care approaches that combat aging and infirmity by utilizing the natural resources of the body itself,” said Dr. Coralee Van Egmond, Chiropractor and the coordinator of the A4M program. “Chiropractic is the only health care discipline that addresses the inherent recuperative healing power of the body, and is a natural and integral partner with other health care disciplines in society’s efforts to combat aging.”