Chiropractic “On” the Reservation

A story from the online “Leader Times”, an online news outlet for several Pennsylvania newspapers, reports on chiropractic care becoming available to Native American Indian tribes. The article interviews Dr. Michael Mills who noted that native Americans should have access to chiropractic since, “After all, chiropractic was invented in America.” Dr. Michael Mills, is participating in the “Love has No Color” project. This project is conducted by the New Renaissance an organization of chiropractors across the country dedicated to improving life for Native Americans.

Dr. Mills explained his commitment to this project by saying, “We thought, what better people to serve than Native Americans. Our motto is to live for a cause bigger than yourself, and live that cause with passion.”

According to the article, Dr. Mills and other participating Doctors of Chiropractic went to the Wolf Point Indian Reservation in Fort Peck, Montana to help Native Americans with renovations on the reservation and provided health information about chiropractic care.

Dr. Mills was concerned about what he saw when he got there and commented, “There is alcohol abuse, high unemployment, high rates of murder, poverty, violence and a life expectancy of males of 40. It was disappointing to see Native Americans on a reservation where conditions are so poor.” He added, “We believe that if we can teach the people to have respect for life and health and to try to improve themselves and their own well-being, that they’re more likely to do better things for each other and the community. Chiropractic care is a part of that.”

The New Renaissance group is looking to place a chiropractic office on the reservation. They are also looking to send a Native American from the Wolf Point Reservation to chiropractic school. Brandi Charrette, was a single mother working two jobs, leading an average life on the reservation, and trying to improve her life. She had attended community college, taking the basic courses for chiropractic school. The new Renaissance group is making it possible for Charrette to study chiropractic at the Life University in Marietta, Ga. She is currently finishing her prerequisites and will start chiropractic school with a full scholarship from Life University’s president Dr. Guy Riekeman. New Renaissance is paying for her to live there.

When Brandi Charrette finishes her school she will return to her reservation to help her people. Dr. Mills noted, “She’ll go back and serve the people of the reservation. They’ll have an educated, talented person going back.”