Chiropractic More Popular

If you’re beginning to think that more and more people are going to a chiropractor, you’re right. Each time a new study is done the numbers of people going to chiropractors continues to rise. This rise is also closely correlated with the rise in usage of other non-medical forms of health care.

In 1990, a study by Eisenberg illustrated a usage of chiropractic in the United States of 10%. This number grew to 16% by the year 1994 in a study by Austin. In a recent Stanford study, the numbers have continued to grow up to 17% of all Americans seeing chiropractors. This is not surprising when we see that this same Stanford study showed that 81% of those receiving chiropractic care considered it to be totally effective.

Oddly enough only 55% of those in the study who received chiropractic care said their care was covered by insurance. This meant a very large portion of the care was paid for out of pocket by the patients themselves. These numbers reflect a consumer base that wants chiropractic and is willing to pay for it.