Chiropractic In Top 5 Careers for 2000

From the November 19-21, 1999 issue of USA Weekend comes an article listing the 5 top careers for the new millennium. According to the article, number 5 on the list is none other than chiropractic! Author Jean Chatzky stated it like this, “Job description: By definition, chiropractors treat patients whose health problems originate in the spine (sometimes using hands-on manipulation or massage). These days, though, many use that as a starting point to treat a patients overall health by focusing on nutrition and exercise. (Chiropractors cannot prescribe medications).

Training: Chiropractors must be licensed by the state in which they practice. Most states require completion of a four-year program at a chiropractic college and at least two years of undergraduate education; some require a bachelors degree.” The authors terminology and descriptions may need some work, but chiropractic is a wonderful field for anyone interested in helping people.