Chiropractic Gives A More Balanced Team

From the Savannah, Georgia Morning News, February 23, 2001 issue comes a human story of a young woman basketball player, Caroline Moore. It seems a year ago Moore was unable to play for her team the “Beach Lady Bulldogs”, until starting with chiropractic care. “I know things happen for a reason,” she said. “But I was disappointed. I was crying.”

According to the paper, a local chiropractor discovered a problem in her right hip which left her right leg approximately one quarter of an inch shorter than her left leg. After a chiropractic examination, x-rays and numerous chiropractic visits, as well as her work ethic, her leg difference has been decreased in length to an extremely small amount. As a result Moore’s coach felt compelled to comment. His comments were, “I have gained a new-found respect for Caroline because of her courage and determination. I don’t know if I could do what she’s done.”