“Cancer: A Detoxifying Perspective”

For Wellness Chiropractors, our concern is not so much what Cancer is or what’s it’s cure? We leave that to the scientists, researchers and technicians who every day apply their treatments & therapies to the hundreds of thousands around the world and that’s just the point.

Chiropractic has never been a treatment or a therapy, but rather a way of thinking and living for our community, family, friends and patients, who choose to live more simply with a higher degree of conscious choice in perspective and understanding. The million dollar question we always ask is, and in fact, the question is always your best answer…what might be the cause? At the root of that is always an interference with the transmission of Innate forces which left undetected ALWAYS lead to physiological imbalance, breakdown, repair & dis-ease.

The Cause for Cancer has been discovered!

A report from Harvard Health Publications revealed by the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) found eight clear findings to demonstrate the cause for cancer in the last decade. No, it wasn’t a drug or surgery, but rather simply an overall improvement in our relationship to ourselves and our own function & personal level of Wellness…which by the way is exactly what we have supported for thousands of individuals and families in our local Vaughan community in the last 12 years.

 A poor relationship with yourself = poor immunity and Cancer!

Your immune system is your natural defense system. When you have an unhealthy relationship with yourself, it typically runs in overdrive as our nerve system spends lots of energy over-reacting (hypersensitive) and or simply trying to defend itself from other organisms. When we are living in nervousness, anxiety and low self love, our nerve system employs a complex set of immune cell & biological reactions to ward off invaders and prevent its own cells from deteriorating or mutating.

This highly trained defense system is always on the ice when there is a power play, killing off foreign invader proteins and cells and triggering attacks against them. When the body is in a constant state of stress and poor adaptation, it requires a full time penalty killing team to do a second-by-second checking system of all your cells, and be sure they all still look like the rest of you. If they don’t, they’re immediately attacked and an inflammatory response created.

Most legitimate researchers, including highly acclaimed Nobel prize winner Sir MacFarlane Burnet, know that in the normal body hundreds of potential cancer cells appear every day. These defective mutated cells are usually destroyed by the normal immune system and never cause a problem. Cancer only gets started when a failing immune system begins to allow abnormal cells to slip by without triggering an attack on them. Other cancer cells do not trigger the immune response at all because the DNA is not that different from normal cells. Then they begin to proliferate, having lost the ability to specialize and they become runaway tissue cells…aka CANCER. When you look at it this way, a tumor is merely a symptom, like a throat infection, a symptom of a failing immune system.

So what causes Cancer in the first place?

The true causes of cancer are well known, well documented and have been for some time now. We now know that we didn’t have to decode the genome to answer this question, but in fact, there are thousands of everyday DNA-altering, carcinogenic situations, well researched that cause cancer, along with the idea that we also have a poor relationship to ourselves.

Here’s a short list, just to name a few: 60,000 chemicals in our air, food, and water, vaccines, processed foods, genetically modified foods, prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, tobacco, air pollution, fluoridated water, pesticides on produce, herbicides on produce, chlorine, other contaminants in our water.

The next step for Chiropractic Warriors, assistants and laypeople alike is to begin understanding in greater detail why early aberrant nerve system function & subsequent changes in endogenous chemistry are caused by subluxation and consequentially why these changes lead to a change in the expression of genes, genetic networks, and the cascade of epigenetic changes that individual’s personality, athleticism, intelligence and of course susceptibility to disease. 

…if you want to learn more, join us here at VC for our next Advanced Wellness Workshop: Cancer – Detoxify your Perspective”, Wednesday, June 30th at 6:10pm