Bena’s Healthy Transformation

bena and drgBena was introduced to our centre by a friend, Anna C, who has been enjoying her chiropractic care at VC for a number of years. Bena was seeking help for a back problem which had been progressively getting worse since July of the previous year. Since starting chiropractice care, she has been following her chiropractic recommendations diligently. She has noticed many improvements in her health since starting care.


Bena is now able to sleep better, feels stronger, and feels more active. She notices she has less joint pain, is more flexible, has better balance and is able to handle stress better. Lifting is easier for Bena now, as well as driving. She also noticed this winter that she was breathing easier and had fewer colds.


Along with coming to VC for her regular adjustments, Bena does her exercises everyday and goes swimming on her days off at the local pool. She understands that the body requires regular movement, and how it helps in the healing process. Today she has a more positive attitude about her health, than she did a year ago… as she continues moving onwards in her journey towards optimal health with chiropractic.