Baseball Pitcher Cole Hamels Gets His Team to Provide a Chiropractor

An interesting story appeared in the sports section of the February 15, 2008 issue of the Philadelphia Enquirer. The story titled, “Phillies getting Hamels his chiropractor,” is about the Philadelphia Philly pitcher who requested his team get a team chiropractor. The team has agreed to add one to their staff.

When informed that his team will be getting a chiropractor Hamels responded in the article, “Really? I’ve always thought it was beneficial. Ever since I’ve used one, it’s done wonders for me. This is nice. It’s great that they’re going out of their way to get a network going. I know I do have a bunch of guys in a vast majority of the cities that I’ve been able to go to. If they’re able to get those guys, that’s great. But it doesn’t matter. They’re putting in the effort, which is good. I definitely can’t complain.”

In response to Hamels’ request, Phillies athletic trainer Scott Sheridan said, “That’s the type of stuff you do every year. I certainly think that the players’ needs change as the game goes on. We’re going to go through times when you find a group of players that need one thing, and we have to provide it. Certainly, it’s our job as the medical team and administration to adapt to our needs. I don’t have any problems with chiropractic care. Cole and I have had open discussions about it. I’m trying to provide him something that can help him.”

The article notes that the Phillies hope to have a network of chiropractors in place when they are on the road. To accomplish this the Phillies have received help from the Philadelphia NFL football team, the Eagles, as the NFL already has a network of chiropractors in place for their players.

The article notes that Hamels believes that not having chiropractic care played a role in his being on the DL (disabled list) last year. “It’s a vast majority of things that I could have done to prevent it, but I know it (chiropractic) would have helped,” he said. The article notes that Hamels thinks this year with chiropractic 20 wins is a very attainable goal.