Back to School Backpack Safety

10 Key Tips

School is fast approaching, so before our kids go back to school with SORE backs, here are some tips that will help take the load off! 

  1. Don’t sling your backpack on one side – this can cause the spine to lean, putting stress on the joints and muscles in the mid – and lower – back.
  2. Do wear both straps and adjust them so that the pack fits snugly. You should be able to slide your hand between the backpack and your back.
  3. Do use the waist strap because it reduces the strain on your back and transfers some of the load to your hips.
  4. Don’t carry your backpack too low as this will cause you to lean forward and puts the weight on your upper back.
  5. Don’t overload your backpack!
  6. Stretch your legs and back after each hour of sitting – between classes is ideal.
  7. When sitting and standing, keep your shoulders back and squared…and try not to “hunch” your back.
  8. Stretch before and after sports.
  9. Get the lead out of your pack! And always bend your knees to lift. If you don’t, you’ll be heading for back trouble.
  10. Have regular spinal check-ups.

 The doctor’s are participants in BackPack Safety International. If you’d like to bring a BackPack Safety presentation to your class or group, email our team,