Aspirin Is Not for Everyone

This is theme of new commercials and ads run by Bayer Aspirin. These ads are not voluntary as it was the US Federal Trade Commission that alleged that Bayer advertising claims on television, radio and the Internet went too far in stating that the general public could benefit by taking aspirin daily for the prevention of heart attacks and stroke. The problem according to the article is that aspirin is not effective on everyone and it can cause other health problems. Those include prolonged bleeding, ulcers, high blood pressure and allergic reaction. It should also be noted that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration does not allow claims about heart disease prevention to be made on aspirin bottles. In the settlement with the FTC Bayer will be forced to run ads in four magazines, distribute a free brochure with a similar message, and set up a toll-free number for consumers. The total that the aspirin giant will spend on this campaign is one million dollars, a relatively small portion of the company advertising budget.