Andrew Goes to the Chiropractor – Child’s Book Introduced

A new child’s educational book has just been released this November 2007 by author Geri Carlson. The book entitled, “Andrew Goes to the Chiropractor” is designed as a children’s story to help educate children about the benefits and procedures of going to a chiropractor.

Ms. Carlson is a chiropractic patient and advocate who had her life changed by chiropractic. She chronicled her story in her first book, “I Stand Amazed”. In this new book she explains to children what to expect from their first visit to the chiropractor.

Geri noted her reasons for writing this children’s educational book. “I love children and have spent most of my adult life serving them. I can’t imagine continuing to work to promote chiropractic and not include the most precious people of all. I want children everywhere to have optimal health, and a chance at the best they can be.”

Geri also related a story mentioned in her first book that inspired the writing of this second book geared toward children. She recalled, “In I Stand Amazed, I wrote about a young boy (around the age of 10) who went with his parents for his first adjustment. When they returned a few days later for the second adjustment, the boy refused to let the chiropractor touch him, despite the efforts from his parents to have him see the importance of it. I had a hunch I knew the reason for the boy’s apprehension. I looked at him and asked, “Does the doctor adjust your neck?” He said he did. I continued, “Did you hear a sound when you received your adjustment?” The boy’s eyes grew big as quarters. I knew the answer. I told him I remembered the first time I heard that sound, it really caught me off-guard. “It was weird, wasn’t it?” I asked. He nodded. Then I explained how I learned to love that sound because it was the sound of God healing me. That was 3 1/2 years ago and that lovely family is still committed to their adjustments today.”

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